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Terra Academy

Terra Academy drawn by my friends and a few others.


Commission for dsguy411-2 by AroojBasit

The vision for this picture is a bit blurry, but that's okay for me. I really love how she is enjoying her ice cream cone. Also I love ...

We All Have To Grow Up by peanutbuttergirl1997

Sometimes growing up can be tough, but even as an adult it would be fun to reminisce about those good ol' days. I love the way how Isab...

The Nightmare Before Christmas by Waddle-Dance

Although I'm not much of a fan of the movie, I am happen to be very fond of this picture. The background makes it look like that it's r...

Ghost in the Machine by Orthgirl123

Sometimes I feel like that I'm a ghost, too, feeling like that I'm forgotten, but there are always friends who are there who make you f...

Random X/Y Battle Video


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My birthday badge


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Mario Kart 8: Luigi's Vengeance by Bowser81889Christa Sasha stamp by SamThePenetrator

Stamp by Kataang-furubastamp by helly7307Isabella Fan Stamp by GenincatBrawl: Meowth Fan Stamp by WolfTwilightRosalina Stamp by YunaSakura.:chatot stamp:. by Hinami.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotThis Stamp doesn't work... by BusirisScatman by Holarcticpluto:STAMP: by XxdarknayruxXGermany Stamp by l8Cancelled TV Shows Stamp by dgLariI Support Gear by Miya902I Support Shimama by Miya902Support Zekrom by Miya902Fire Bender Stamp by NaryuCHUCK NORRIS APPROVED by X2010First Stamp Attempt by Waddle-DancePnF - Phinbella Stamp by sam-ely-emberSummer Belongs to you - Stamp by sam-ely-emberPnF - Crazy Phin Stamp by sam-ely-emberHate Storage Stamp by izka197:D by stuck-in-suburbiaMyspace Stamp by StephiLynnrandom word searcher by MarvealleStamp is Too Funny to Load by ptsluvsnflL.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. by SeigiFlooSquashini Stamp by dsguy411Marshmallow Stamp by Kezzi-RoseVanessa Doofenshmirtz Stamp by dA--bogeymanVanessa Stamp by EternalxRequiemVanessa in Candy's oufit stamp by EnvytheskunkVanessa fan stamp by WonderclubstockNot popular and happy by prosaixTypo by fear-the-brillianceFennekin Stamp by Shiro-RedfieldMario And Luigi Dream Team : Popple Stamp by KevfinPangoro Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsBraixen Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsFennekin Sneeze Stamp :3 by Heart-StampSailor Mars Stamp by Maiden-HebiRico Brzenska stamp by DorothyBomeraangLevi stamp by SuperpluplushAttack On Titan Stamp: Sasha Barus 3 by wow1076Sasha Braus Stamp by NabiryiMikasa Stamp by mymu2Ymir x Christa stamp by Aurora-StarletMikasa and Titan Eren by dracolikesunicorns

Pokemon Battle Team Update

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 29, 2014, 5:54 PM
Time for a little team update.  So far my current battle team is quite impressive, including my Aegislash which swept in a battle once.

Pokeball :icongreninjaplz:
Nickname: Tsunade - Nature: Modest - Gender: Female
Type: Water/Dark
Ability: Protean - Held Item: Life Orb
Hydro Pump
Ice Beam

Replaced Dark Pulse with Extrasensory because half of its movepool would change Tsuande's type that is weak to Fighting.  By replacing it with Extrasensory she can become resistant to that type, plus it still has the same base power and effect as Dark Pulse.

Pokeball :iconskarmoryplz:
Nickname: Sharpwing - Nature: Impish - Gender: Male
Type: Steel/Flying
Ability: Sturdy - Held Item: Rocky Helmet
Brave Bird
Stealth Rock

Bred this one from scratch, starting teaching one Skarmory Stealth Rock in White 2.  Stealth Rock can be really helpful as it can bring down half of a Charizard's health or any Pokemon with x4 weakness to Rock.  Brave Bird and Roost is for if I still want to use Sharpwing afterward.

Pokeball :icongoodraplz:
Nickname: Escargoo - Nature: Modest - Gender: Female
Type: Dragon
Ability: Gooey - Held Item: Assault Vest
Draco Meteor
Muddy Water
Sludge Wave

Assault Vest allows Escargoo to take several Special Attacks before fainting, including Fairy-type moves because the only one I really have to worry about is Play Rough, the only Physical Fairy-type move.  To take her down you have to use a strong Physical move as long as you don't mind your Pokemon's Speed being reduced thanks to Escargoo's Hidden Ability.

Pokeball :iconaegislashplz:
Nickname: Tsurugi - Nature: Adamant - Gender: Female
Type: Steel/Ghost
Ability: Stance Change - Held Item: Weakness Policy
Night Slash
Swords Dance
King's Shield
Shadow Sneak

This is my first 6 IV Pokemon and because of that I won't be rotating this one anytime soon.  She can use Swords Dance while in Shield Forme to better take an opponent's moves and if they happen to be super effective that's where Weakness Policy kicks in.  If I for any reason think that I might not finish a foe off in one move King's Shield will protect her and scout for enemy attacks.

Pokeball :iconsableyeplz:
Nickname: Ruby - Nature: Careful - Gender: Female
Type: Dark/Ghost
Ability: Prankster - Held Item: Leftovers
Knock Off

A good moveset and nature for Ruby here.  She can hits while inflicting Burn status on my foes.  Recover can keep her in the game while Taunt prevents opponents from using stat moves on me.  Plus Prankster ensures that I can mess up a foe before he/she can throw things at me like Stealth Rock, Toxic, or Sticky Web.  Plus its typing is long as no one sends out a Fairy-type at me.

Pokeball :iconcharizardplz:
Nickname: Charmeister Nature: Jolly - Gender: Male
Type: Fire/Flying (Mega: Fire/Dragon)
Ability: Blaze (Mega: Tough Claws) - Held Item: Charizardite X
Steel Wing
Dragon Dance
Fire Fang

Tough Claws can be useful for this Physical moveset plus Dragon Dance increases its power and speed.  Plus its typing makes all Fairy-type moves do neutral damage plus Steel Wing will hit them back, hard.

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My Pokemon X Team

:pokeball: :icongreninjaplz: Tsunade ♀

:pokeball: :iconskarmoryplz: Sharpwing ♂

:pokeball: :icongoodraplz: Escargoo ♀

:pokeball: :iconaegislashplz: Tsurugi ♀

:pokeball: :iconsableyeplz: Ruby ♀

:pokeball: :iconcharizardplz: Charmeister ♂



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